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Peace be upon you~

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PT3 Result
written on Wednesday, December 24, 2014 @ 1:31 AM ✈

Assalamualaikum & Hello everyone!

Soo I just got my pt3 result about two days ago and I am so extremely happy to tell you that I got 7A 2B and 1C. I know, C tu spoil. But whatev because this is just PT3 and memang ramai yang teruk pun (sorry not sorry).

We cyberians ambil result dekat dalam dewan, and I sat there with my mom, my lil sister and my lil brother. Cikgu Aniza, SU PT3 panggil nama calon yang dapat 5A dan keatas and I was so nervous at that time because I really wanna go front there, with my mom, make her proud of me, you know. Tapi bukan sebab nak menunjuk okayyy.

So first up, she called Ares, the only candidate who got straight A, then Shu Min, 9A. Then Sofia, 8A. That's it. Then, she said 4 students got 7A and I was really hoping my name would come out of that teacher's mouth or else.. idk.

Firstly she called Raimi, then Lee Ren Yi, then.. ME.

Walaupun tak lah berapa memberangsangkan sangat my result ni, Alhamdulillah jgk I thank Allah for eveything and at least I could see my mum smiling and my dad saying congratulations in a weird way, though haha. All I want is to see my parents proud and to show that I'm not that stupid to my other siblings hehee.

Sooo with this result, and a C for my science, I'm not sure whether I can go study at some SBP or not. But memang ramai yang fail C, even budak MRSM pun ada yang dapat D, E. Worse than mine, right? Tapi takpelah, kalau dapat, Alhamdulillah.. Kalau tak, takde rezekilah, stay cyber lerr.

But pleaseelah pray for me huhuu nak sangat masuk asrama especially this asrama yang ada my cousin thats why I choose sbp kuala selangor as my first choice.

Hmm, I think thats it for now, really hope you enjoy reading my post and that's it, good bye! Assalamualaikum!

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