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Peace Be Upon You

Peace be upon you~

" Keep calm because Allah SWT is always with us "

Anna Ezaha,7 October,malaysian.


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Broken, bruised.
written on Thursday, October 30, 2014 @ 8:42 AM ✈

Assalamualaikum & Hello everyone:)

See that picture up there?
Today I am going to talk about cutting & depressions, because I know a lot of you guys feel the same way, depressed, tension, stressed and whatsoever.
Well then, you're not alone ^_*

Actually, I too am depressed.
No one understands me, my family and my friends, NO ONE.
Even me myself couldn't figure out what I want at that time being.

My family and friends might thought that I'm happy go lucky, always being silly and crazy,
but what they don't know is,
I'm broken. I'm bruised. I'm depressed. I'm stressed.
I cry, I throw things, I got sore eyes because I cry too much.
My life is just as miserable as you.

To be honest, if cutting and suicide isn't haram, 
I've done that a long long looonggg time ago.
But finally,
In every tears,
I realized that eventhough your family or your friends don't understand you or don't treat you well,
We are actually forgetting something at that moment.
He never ignores us, He's always listening, He understands us, He loves us.

That is why everytime people let me down or make me sad and depressed,
I think of Allah.
Because I know He is the only one,
Who can keep me strong, who can give me courage to get through all my problems in life.

Dear friends, who cuts,
You don't need to do that,
Remember Allah,
He is with you.
All the time. Every single time.

When you cut,
you may feel the pain and relieved.
But when you pray to Allah,
In shaa Allah,
EVERYTHING will be okay.
Have faith in Him and always remember Him whatever and whenever.
Don't waste your time cutting and don't waste your blood.
I know how guys really feel. Seriously, I know.
Just, stay strong, and always remember,

Stay strong, okay? ;)
Assalamualaikum & good bye!

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