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Peace Be Upon You

Peace be upon you~

" Keep calm because Allah SWT is always with us "

Anna Ezaha,7 October,malaysian.


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written on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 @ 6:59 AM ✈

Assalamualaikum & Hellooo everyone!

I've actually just uploaded my shawl tutorial on my Youtube Channel, and I really hope you guys can watch it and try it, eventhough yeah maybe ramai yang dah tahu but whatever haha I mean, my friends kept asking me macam mana pakai and blah blah, so I decided to just post a video on my Youtube channel (bcause you know I'm not that active on Youtube banyak upload benda merepek je haha) so yeah here it is:)

Well actually dah lama dah nak buat video ni tapi SubhanAllah MashaAllah macam2 betul dugaan, dengan camera terbalik, pin tercucuk tangan, and maaany moreee, but Alhamdulillah finally dapat jugak buat video ni and for those yang tengok sorrylah if tak seberapa, (well i'm not really a camera-person and tak tahu sangat mcm mana nak edit video) so I think this is the best that I can do, hehe. Soooo yeah you guys can watch it and kalau boleh try lah in shaa Allah tak rugi hehe:) 

Tengok jangan tak tengok! HEHEE

Assalamualaikum & B-byee!


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